Beat Dogs Club present

Hi frens!

Every year life becomes more and more harder. COVID, increasing fuel prices, wars and economic crises. We are tired as fucking dogs and surely many of you are too. So as not to be fucked up by what’s going on alone, we decided to create this project.

Beat Dogs Club is a community-driven collection of 10,000 randomly generated ERC-721 tokens on the ETH blockchain. We want to connect many talented and creative persons in one community so that together we can reach the goals that each of us dreams about. By forming a Beat Dogs Club DAO, with only NFT holders as members, we can collectively create more than just a community.

We will invest 50% of the revenue from the minting of the first release of NFTs and all of the profits from secondary market sales into the DAO fund. This way, we’ll be able to manage the funds with every member of the community in mind. Raise money from the fund for your projects, propose ideas for parties and collabs, and control your own future together with like-minded people!


Premint on the Fantom blockchain. We will issue 500 mint pass at 50 FTM each. You will be able to exchange these pass for Beat Dogs Club NFTs for free when they start minting on the ETH blockchain. We’ve also added 10 gold mint pass which will allow you to get 3 (holy shit!) NFT Beat Dogs Club at once!

Early June (Exact date TBA)
The beginning of minting on the ETH blockchain. The cost of minting will be 0.055 ETH. After the collection is sold out, we’ll trust our community to choose the design for the merch and produce a limited edition clothing collection to be a giveaway to club members!

Future plans
The NFT community has proven to be incredibly talented and creative. That’s why we decided to entrust the roadmap to members of our community, and the whole team will help organize the best collaboration.

All decisions will be made by a vote of all Beat Dogs Club holders.
1 NFT = 1 vote.

We will continue to update you and share details about the project. For now, follow us on Twitter for sneak peeks and information on access to Discord and our Dogs List (whitelist).



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Beat Dogs Club

Beat Dogs Club

10,000 Dogs on ETH-blockchain are ready to jump into the huddles of their new parents! A community-driven DAO is our goal